Serverless Debugging Redefined

Hard Way

Serverless Debugger Way

  • Mock the managed services
  • Simulate the cloud environment
  • Lack of the authenticity of event data flowing between resources
Cut through mocking and simulation costs. Live debug your Lambda on real AWS environment.
Simulate the security permissions of AWS Lambda functions
Real AWS security rules apply. Use the exact IAM permissions of the Lambdas even if you are accessing resources behind VPC.
Use predefined data
Boost developer productivity using real-time data just like you debug any code that you host on your computer, see the values of local variables and the entire stack trace.
Get lost in logs piles
Save logging dollars and developer-time by getting the debugging data only when you need it using breakpoints.
Stop the entire app to understand the error root cause
Keep your business flows running while debugging and don’t lose a dime and time
Share sensitive data with 3rd parties
Zero risk with the enterprise-scale (On-prem deployment option for 100% security)

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Download your ServerlessDebugger plugin and start debugging your AWS Lambda’s immediately

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Enterprise Ready

ServerlessDebugger is built for debugging cloud applications from local IDEs safe and securely
Self-hosted deployment option for 100% security
Debug directly from IDEs
Native Thundra APM Integration
Works with your techstack

Developers’ everyday debugger

ServerlessDebugger comes in as a VSCode extension. It can be installed on your VSCode IDE in seconds and enable you to put breakpoints in your Lambda functions. All done with no code changes!

Don't stop the whole process, just debug one invocation at a time

Debug your serverless app like you debug any code that you host on your computer with native debugging actions, enabling you to see the values of local variables and the entire stack trace.

Debug Lambdas on AWS with their own permissions

Remove the barriers that prevent the ability to debug Lambda functions on IDE.

Debug Lambdas from your IDE (IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode)

True live debugging on real AWS Lambda environment

No simulation, reproduction, or redeployment

Self-hosted deployment option for 100% security

Privacy & Compliance

We take security very seriously
  • Self-hosted deployment option for 100% security
  • Code never gets transferred to Sidekick servers. IDE retrieves code from git repositories and stores it locally.
  • Everything is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Serverless Debugger supports your stack