ServerlessDebugger is at your service!

Baris Kaya
2 mins read

Today we are announcing the release of our ServerlessDebugger!

Serverless technology brings great new features but comes with a great hassle, debugging. Replicating usage data, mocking resources, and the AWS environment is time-consuming and hard to achieve.

Why We Made It?

A while ago we started developing a debugger for AWS Lambda to solve both our and the whole AWS Lambda community's debugging problems.

The aim was to let developers debug their serverless applications with native permissions and to stop mocking resources and simulating the environments. As it became such a painkiller for Thundra, we thought sharing this painkiller with our friends in the AWS Lambda community will benefit all of us.

To be honest, everything went better than expected and our solution received more than 45K+ downloads. We wanted to discover this potential even more and decided to give our AWS Lambda Debugger a bigger seat in our company, so we decided to make it a separate entity with its new name, team, and community support.

Please welcome: ServerlessDebugger.

ServerlessDebugger is a plugin for VSCode IDE that lets you debug AWS Lambda applications written in NodeJS and Python languages. You can start online debug sessions by setting breakpoints to your Lambda functions while they run on AWS Cloud.

It helps you cut through mocking and simulation costs. You can just live debug your Lambdas on the real AWS environment.

For the folks who are concerned about security, ServerlessDebuggers comes with a 100% on-prem deployment option. 

Try Now. It’s Free!

From now on you can debug your Lambdas with ease without leaving your Visual Studio Code. Visit and start debugging your Lambdas in their environments.